A big picture view of IBC 2016


Cable & Satellite International asked me to contribute my thoughts after the 2016 IBC conference in Amsterdam.

The article is available online via CSI’s Web site.

The promises made by technological progress and the industry consolidation of recent years are finally coming to fruition.  Video delivery frameworks now can reside at the customer premises, in the public cloud, in a private cloud, or in a combination thereof. The major video security platforms can be software, hardware, or a combination. Because service delivery can be built around common management and video security platforms, multi-screen delivery challenges have largely been solved.  The remaining challenges revolve around implementing the video player, and video encoding in the cloud.

Two areas that I found to be very interesting, but still flying a bit under the radar for most operators, are video quality assurance and truly integrated video content security. Multi-screen service and adaptive streaming have had a huge impact on both of these.  Each requires an ecosystem approach and each of them benefits from having comprehensive management frameworks.

By the end of the week, this IBC showed that the vendor community is meeting challenges better than ever, to help operators meet consumer needs and better meet consumer expectations.



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