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tvstrategies Piracy Monitor is an information service of tvstrategies (Advanced Media Strategies LLC), with five program components and more to come.  Advertising, co-marketing, consulting and other programs are available to tvstrategies business partners.
1:  Piracy Newsfeed on this site
  • Industry reporting about video piracy
  • Announcements from around the industry
  • Anti-Piracy Interventions: Rights enforcement interventions by rights-holders, organizations and governmental entities
2:  Free tvstrategies Piracy Monitor E-Newsletter

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  • Newsfeed: Recent news items, aggregated
  • Solutions and Countermeasures: technologies & practices
  • Progress against piracy: trends and analysis
  • New tvstrategies Piracy Monitor program features as they become available
3: tvstrategies Piracy Monitor Annual Report

A paid annual report scheduled for October 2019 release.  Research and production are conducted during the second and third quarters.  An announcement is forthcoming in September.

  • Video piracy situation analysis
  • Piracy & infringement use-cases & taxonomy
  • Available Solutions and solutions taxonomy
  • Global Forecast: size and scope of video piracy, size and scope of the technology and services opportunity
  • Conclusions, recommendations
  • Reference & appendices
  • Purchase (license) as a stand-alone report
  • By annual subscription (which includes additional benefits)
  • Sponsors get special pricing depending on sponsorship level
4: tvstrategies Piracy Monitor Quarterly Update

A paid long-form update to the tvstrategies Piracy Monitor Annual Report


  • About the three month period recently ended
  • Digest of major news items from that quarter
  • Analysis of what happened and why it matters
  • Impact on the tvstrategies Piracy Monitor Annual Report
  • Purchase (license) on its own
  • Included with annual Piracy Monitor subscription
  • Included with sponsorship
5: Sponsorship and co-marketing programs

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