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Piracy Monitor is an information service and Web site dedicated to informing the media and entertainment industry, their technology suppliers, and the general public about the risks of video piracy, technology countermeasures, organizational best practices, and other ways to reduce piracy risks.
Program features include
  • The Piracy Monitor Web site, providing a news and reference material from video providers, vendors, Piracy Monitor and tvstrategies.
  • The Piracy Monitor E-Newsletter: A free email available by subscription.  Includes a News Feed with current and recent occurrences of video piracy, technical solutions and trends.
  • The Piracy Monitor Annual Report: A paid annual report scheduled for October release. A Piracy Monitor Quarterly Update will be issued each quarter.

Sponsors can communicate their positions as industry leaders and trusted advisors with articles, news releases and white papers; using targeted campaigns, advertisements and increased Web visibility.


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