Just how easy is it to cut the cord?


By Steve Hawley and David Price

The first article of a new blog has been published by Videonet, co-authored by David Price and myself.   David is a well-known and highly respected executive in the TV technology industry and is now the head of Scala Advisors.  Videonet is one of the go-to resources in the connected TV industry. I’ve been a judge for The Connies – previously known as Videonet’s Connected TV Awards – for a number of years.  It’s a privilege to be associated with all of them!

Now, to our story…   After joining an over-the-top video service, David decided to have a try at discontinuing his pay TV provider’s video service. Soon he was in for a rude awakening… (Continued at Videonet)

We’ll have new articles regularly, on a variety of topics.  Stay Tuned!


  1. Hey Steve,

    Nice to see you and David are working together. That story had a twist I wasn’t expecting.

    I too took the YouTubeTV plunge but in a slightly different way. I signed up for AT&T’s fiber when I made the switch. They also have a 1 TB limit, at least for the package I took. I have been a pest to my family making sure that we stop streaming when we turn off the TV, as I have been afraid of hitting the limit. So far, I think we have only been in the hundreds of gigabytes; and that’s with all the video uploading I do.


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