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Piracy Monitor offers marketing communications, advertising and other collaborative programs under a Sponsor program. Please inquire with tvstrategies for details, pricing and scheduling.

Almost every day there’s something in the news about video piracy. Stolen passwords that admit pirates into video accounts to obtain personal information.  Malware and ransomware implanted into video content that hijacks consumer devices.  What a headache!  

And yet it continues. Again and again, we hear that one of the biggest challenges is to educate video providers and the general public about video piracy.  How can we help you?

Marketing communications support
  • Press releases: Piracy Monitor can carry industry press releases in its News Feed and E-Newsletter
  • Content placement: Place sponsored articles, case studies and white papers in the Piracy Monitor E-Newsletter or on pages of the tvstrategies Piracy Monitor Web site
  • Contract Writing: Commission Piracy Monitor to write white papers, case studies and other marketing communications pieces
  • Analyst quotes: tvstrategies Principal Analyst Steve Hawley can provide quotes to provide an industry context in press releases. Note: as analysts must remain neutral, quotes cannot represent endorsements
Advertising support
  • Custom e-mail campaigns: Promote your offerings via customized stand-alone emails directed to a Piracy Monitor audience
  • Online advertising: Header and sidebar ad spaces are available in the Piracy Monitor E-Newsletter and on select pages of the tvstrategies Piracy Monitor Web site
  • Display advertising: Quarter-page, half-page and full-page ad spaces are available in the Piracy Monitor Quarterly Update
Additional benefits
  • Great for visibility: Sponsors are listed on the Piracy Monitor Web site
  • Combine multiple Piracy Monitor communications and marketing program items
  • Reinforce your existing marketing program plans
  • Account planning and periodic account review
  • Sponsors receive selected Piracy Monitor promotional and research deliverables at reduced or no charge

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