Co-marketing with tvstrategies

tvstrategies offers marketing communications and collaborative marketing programs with tvstrategies Piracy Monitor.  Please inquire with tvstrategies for further details
Marketing Communications
  • Press releasestvstrategies Piracy Monitor can carry industry press releases in its News Feed and E-Newsletter
  • Analyst quotestvstrategies Principal Analyst Steve Hawley can provide quotes to provide an industry context in press releases.  Note: as analysts must remain neutral, quotes cannot represent endorsements
  • Writing: Commission tvstrategies to write white papers, case studies and other marketing communications pieces
Marketing Programs
  • Content placement: Place sponsored articles, case studies and white papers in the tvstrategies Piracy Monitor E-Newsletter or on pages of the tvstrategies Piracy Monitor Web site,
  • Custom e-mail campaigns: Promote your offerings via customized stand-alone emails directed to a tvstrategies Piracy Monitor audience,
  • Online advertising: Header and sidebar ad spaces are available in the tvstrategies Piracy Monitor E-Newsletter and on select pages of the tvstrategies Piracy Monitor Web site,
  • Display advertising: Quarter-page, half-page and full-page ad spaces are available in the tvstrategies Piracy Monitor Quarterly Update
  • Great for company visibility
  • Combine multiple tvstrategies communications and marketing program items
  • Reinforce your existing marketing program plans
  • Account planning and periodic account review
  • Sponsors receive selected tvstrategies Piracy Monitor promotional and research deliverables at reduced or no charge

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